ROK Motorcycle and ATV Straps, the Ultimate Stretch Strap.

ROKstrap Motorcycle one piece or two piece adjustable straps and adjustable Pack straps, attached around a luggage rack or frame tube, etc Stretching over the load, lock the buckle, load is secure!


1/10/2021 Adjustable Strap Price Rises.  Hello folks just to let you know that with this shipment, we have had to increase prices in some of our lines to reflect real factory increases and operating costs.  These will occur progressively on over other lines as stock is replenished.   We have held down the price for over 3 years now but can no longer sustain this.  But!  You will have full acess to our full range of straps, stocked here, warranted right here in Australia and at the best prices we can offer in line with ROK Global MSRP!  Available online our via our expanding dealer network.

ROK Straps can make your gear & even other products mount more securely to your motorcycle!

Any bag or loose gear on your bike can be better secured with ROKstraps - the Ultimate stretch straps.


Our original product, originally designed & made here in QLD was the ROK motorcycle 'Ultimate' one piece stretch strap!   Soon followed by the two piece Adjustable motorcycle strap!  It pays to undestand the differences before ordering so here is a brief description.  
ROK motorcycle 'Ultimate'
ONE PIECE stretch strap:

ROKstrap One Piece Ultimate Stretch Strap comes in four set lengths!
NB: These only now come in our base colour black with blue/green twist
The one piece strap is a single piece of 20mm sheathed rubber and comes in 4 sizes.  300 (12"), 450 (18"), 600 (24") and 750mm (30 inch) lengths. They are all-elastic and stretch to approximately 140% of their base length, so it pays to know your load requirement here.  One end has a sewn nylon webbing loop.  This can be attached to a hook or by looping it over a tube.  The other end has a sewn nylon female buckle and a short webbing strap with sewn male buckle. So to use you connect to the loop end, stretch over the loand & secure the other end via the male/femakle backle eg. around a rack tube etc. Important to note when choosing size, the length of the strap is its static length.  You can then stretch the strap approx another 30% over the load

ROK TWO PIECE Adjustable motorcycle strap:
ROKstrap Two Piece Adjustable Ultimate Stretch Strap
the Motorcycle Adjustable Strap is 25mm (1") wide, 2 piece design which adjusts in length from 500mm to 1500mm inches. It attaches to the bike / atv with safe woven looped ends, that can be attached to hooks or looped back thru themsleves around a tube etc.  The design of the two-piece strap consists of a webbing element and an "stretch" sheathed rubber  element joined by quick-release buckle. The elastic section provides tension and has a safety factor in that it can be dangerously stretched; the webbing section then allows adjustment for the size of the load.    So each section is attached independently to a luggage rack, frame tube, footpeg carrier, etc., the luggage is placed between the attachment points, the two parts of the strap are buckled together, and the strap is tightened over the load, thus you have exactly the right length and exactly the right tension. As easy as: Attach, Buckle, and Tighten!  Plus we have SIX colours to choose from too!



These straps are similar to conventional bungees, but of much higher quality and safety in use. Again featuring our sheather natural rubber core but this time in 20mm width (3/4"), they come in four sizes; 300 (12"), 450 (18"), 600 (24") and 750mm (30 inch) lengths. They are all-elastic and stretch to approximately 140% of their base length. They feature1 a closed woven loop on one end and an openable loop (by means of a fastex buckle) on the other.

They are attached around a luggage rack, frame tube, etc. by passing the strap through the closed loop to attach one end. Stretching over the load, the other end is then attached by opening the loop and again passing it around another suitable attachment point and then closing the buckle. 
As easy as: Attach, Stretch and Buckle!
You can also buy these as a single strap (in black only) and with lengths of 1500mm, 3000mm & 4500mm
See our Easy loops range for more.


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