Motorcycle & ATV Straps


Our original product, the Motorcycle Adjustable Strap is 1 inch wide and adjusts in length from 18 to 60 inches. It attaches with loops. Like all our adjustable straps, it is a two-piece strap consisting of a webbing element and an elastic element joined by quick-release buckle. The elastic section provides tension; the webbing section adjusts for size. Each section is attached independently around a luggage rack, frame tube, footpeg carrier, etc., the luggage is placed between the attachment points, the two parts of the strap are buckled together, and the strap is tightened, and you have exactly the right length and exactly the right tension. As easy as: Attach, Buckle, and Tighten!



These straps are similar to conventional bungees, but of much higher quality. They come in 12, 18, 24, and 30 inch lengths. They are all-elastic and stretch to approximately 150% of their base length. They have a closed loop on one end and an openable loop (by means of a fastex buckle) on the other. They are attached around a luggage rack, frame tube, etc. by passing the strap through the closed loop to attach one end. The other end is then attached by opening the openable loop and passing it around another suitable attachment point and then closing the buckle. Two fixed-length straps can also be joined by means of their openable buckles to make a strap of equal length as the combined straps (i.e. two 12 inch straps would combine to make a 24 inch strap, a 12 and 18 inch would combine into a 30 inch strap, etc.)

Pertinent info: Rated to carry 75 lb (150 lb burst strength) ¾ inch wide, 12, 18, 24, and 30 inch length straps. Ideal when repeatedly carrying the same item – no need to stow excess webbing.