ROK Motorcycle and ATV Straps, the Ultimate Stretch Strap.

Any bag or loose gear on your bike can be better secured with ROKstraps - the Ultimate stretch straps.


Our original product, the Motorcycle Adjustable Strap is 25mm (1") wide, 2 piece design which adjusts in length from 500mm to 1500mm inches. It attaches to the bike / atv with safe woven looped ends, not the lite metal hooks used in bungees with the potential risks they pase. The design of the two-piece strap consists of a webbing element and an "stretch" elastic element joined by quick-release buckle. The elastic section provides tension and has a safety factor in that it can be dangerously stretched; the webbing section then allows adjustment for the size of the load. 

So each section is attached independently to a luggage rack, frame tube, footpeg carrier, etc., the luggage is placed between the attachment points, the two parts of the strap are buckled together, and the strap is tightened over the load, thus you have exactly the right length and exactly the right tension. As easy as: Attach, Buckle, and Tighten!



These straps are similar to conventional bungees, but of much higher quality and safety in use. Again featuring our sheather natural rubber core but this time in 20mm width (3/4"), they come in four sizes; 300 (12"), 450 (18"), 600 (24") and 750mm (30 inch) lengths. They are all-elastic and stretch to approximately 140% of their base length. They feature1 a closed woven loop on one end and an openable loop (by means of a fastex buckle) on the other.

They are attached around a luggage rack, frame tube, etc. by passing the strap through the closed loop to attach one end. Stretching over the load, the other end is then attached by opening the openable loop and passing it around another suitable attachment point and then closing the buckle. 
As easy as: Attach, Stretch and Buckle!

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ROKstrap Two Piece Adjustable Ultimate Stretch StrapROKstrap One Piece Ultimate Stretch Strap comes in four set lengths!

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