ROK Straps Stretch Dog Leash - The Ultimate Stretch Dog or Pet Leash. Multiple colours and sizes.

ROK Stretch Leashes come in 3 grades (for the weight of dog) and multiple sizes


The  ROK™ Ultimate Stretch Leash takes all the jolting out of walking your large or small dog. Solid rubber internal parts make it extremely chew resistant. Non-stretch handle and traffic leader at base for tight control situations. Strong nickel metal fitting and a great range of colour combinations, our Stretch Dog Leaches will make your dog even more exclusive!  The three sizes of leash are all the same length which is 137cm or 54 inches, just varying widths. 

Our Traffic Handler loop gives control over your pet at those important times!Our Traffic Handler loop gives control over your pet at those important times!

A welcome addition to the stretch dog leash is the ROK™ Stretch coupler.  Made of the same tough solid rubber construction as the stretch leash you can now walk both your dogs at the same time with the one leash.   Also we now offer a matching range of padded ROK™ Dog Collars with our Quick Release buckle, so your best friend can be the best looking best friend walking the streets.   All ROK Products have a 12month guarantee*
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Whilst designed as a stretch dog leash, the  ROK™ strap range is in fact great for a range of small to medium animals! maybe even bigger... say an alpaca??? 

ROKstrap stretch leashes are great for Alpacas too!

*ROK Leashes have a lifetime limited warranty for the original purchaser starting from the date of purchase. This limited warranty covers all parts and construction as originally supplied by us. Warranty does not cover damage, fraying or breakage due to chewing or misuse such as dragging on rough surfaces. If you have a problem, please return the Leash to place of purchase or send Leash and sales receipt to our address as advertised on User should inspect Leash regularly for signs of wear or damage and replace as necessary.

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