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Welcome to OVImport's on-line store where you can purchase any of our extensive range of ROK Straps products! We have setup this online store as if you can't get to one of our dedicated outlets, then you can shop direct, wherever you are or whenever you want.  So say farewell to unsightly bungee straps. Say goodbye and good riddance to hazardous tie down shock cords. Our ROKstrap range will altogether change your perception about securing cargo. Our leash range makes exercising with your animal friend even more enjoyable.  Strong, durable, stylish and safe, these products will become an integral part of your lifestyle.

Today the ROK Strap has become a complete range of... 'ULTIMATE' Stretch Strap products!  all featuring ...

  • Made from a solid convex - flat rubber shock-cord with a U.V. resistant woven nylon outer  
  • Designed to resist twisting and have significantly less recoil than a conventional 'bungee' if released under tension
  • The motorcycle straps are hook-less,  they feature a sewn loop for saftey while offering a wider range of mounting choices
  • For cargo & ATV here is also a wide range of safer plastic-coated hooked designs that feature no sharp edging
  • Our new 'stretch' animal leash range features two control points
  • ROK Straps are very strong, long-lasting, attractive and above all else, SAFE!  They connect using an inter-locking FASTEX┬« buckle and
  • ROK Straps are one of the few products on the market today where safety features actually make the product easier to use.

ROKStraps the ULTIMATE strecth strap product range imported by OVImports

you can email us at if you have any questions.