Here is a great series of videos on the ROKstrap range - The Ultimate Stretch Strap!

Motorcycle & ATV straps

from Rok Straps Canada
A "How To" video on using the ROK motorcycle adjustable straps

from Web Bike World
A short video review of the ROK Straps motorcycle range

from Middle Aged Biker
If you every need to carry anything on the back of your bike, these ROK straps are the things to have. A cross between a tie down strap and a bungee, they are the easiest and most secure fastenings I've used.

from Classic Racks 
This is a short video showing how quick and easy it is to strap your luggage to your scooter using the amazing ROK Straps 


from Motor Cycle News UK
A "review" on using the ROK motorcycle adjustable straps


Pack & Commutor straps

from Path Less Travelled
In this video we review a cool alternative to bungees! - the ROK Strap. Perfect for bike touring, bike-packing and commuting! 


from ROK Straps USA
The Commutor Strap is a great tool for cyclists, hikers, and anyone on the move. Made from nylon rubber, its ingenious design makes it adaptable to almost any situation. What's your favorite use?


From George McCune 
Handy straps to tie down about anything to anything. 


from ROK Straps Japan
Pack Straps are very usefull to keep around, great when you need to strap something to .. almost anything!


Stretch Leashes

from ROK Straps UK
Arthur McDoghead's whimsical view on ROK leashes!

Couplers & Collars

from Keepdoggiesafe
We are so excited to get the Rok Straps stretch dog coupler. It's made of the same great material as the leashes. They are strong and help you walk your dog without them pulling on your arm and shoulder. The new couplers have excellent swivel hardware at the top and bottoms to insure your dogs won't tangle